Interior designer who's passionate about design and understands that when it comes to your home, you care most about the people and life lived in it.

michele rosenboom

Michele received a BFA in Interior Design from Iowa State University in 2000 and has spent the majority of her career practicing commercial interior design in an architectural firm in Sioux City, IA. With growing kids and a busy family schedule, she is now bringing her skills to smaller, more personal residential projects in Northwest Iowa. Understandably, Michele has a great appreciation for architecture and the "bones" of a home. Her design philosophy centers around the idea of intentional living and designing what is essential, useful, and beautiful.  Our lives are often complicated, but our homes shouldn't be.  

meet michele


We're often searching for a feeling when we talk about what we want for our home.  Warmth. Safety. Being Wanted & Welcome.  It's where many of our most special and sacred moments take place.  When you invite Michele to help design your house, it's her honor to partner with you on these bigger dreams that go beyond the physical.  Honoring God with our homes means carefully stewarding our financial gifts, embracing hospitality, and loving well all who enter.


I've built my own home, too, so I understand the complex emotions and immense effort that goes into the process.  It takes time and the right professionals to help you get there.  I enjoy working on teams and believe that transparent communication and collaboration are key to creating beautiful, custom interiors.