Michele Rosenboom Design offers a broad range of Interior Design services. Whether you're starting from the ground up, or simply want a fresh look for an existing space, Michele will guide you through the process with confidence. Let's make your dream a reality!



New Home Build


This is where I do some of my best work! I offer in-depth interior design services that walk you through the entire process, from concept to completion. I help you navigate each step in the design process from developing a functional floor plan to selecting finishes & fixtures.  I always keep an eye on the overall design of your home, making sure the details are cohesive and work together stylistically. I work closely with your architect, contractor & subcontractors to make sure no detail is over looked and that deadlines are met.  Make sure you've got a knowledgeable design advocate on your team. Good decisions are the foundation of good design and I help you make wise ones!  

New Home Build

Remodels / Renovations

These are some of the most challenging and fun projects! I help squeeze every bit of potential out of your existing home. We do a lot of the same things as in a New Home Build, except we’re working within an existing structure. Scope could vary from a single room project all the way up to an entire home.  

Remodels / Renovations

Hard Finish Selections

If you already have a floor plan developed for your remodel or new-build, but you just need help with the hard finishes, I can help with that too. I'll develop a color palette that's harmonious, but still interesting. My approach is more holistic and seeks to unify the entire home with a "common vocabulary". This service includes selection of the materials attached to the surfaces of your home, such as flooring, wall finishes, countertops, cabinet colors & light fixtures...everything you need to be move-in ready!

Hard Finish Selections

Floor Plan Analysis

I love analyzing floor plans for flow and function. I’m not shy about telling you exactly what isn’t working in the plan you’ve got. Don’t build something you’re not 100% comfortable with, now is the time to get it right! I'm always able to see multiple possibilities, so if you're struggling with ideas on how to layout your home, I'm here for you!  Pricing is based on square footage and number of options.

Floor Plan Analysis

1 hour Virtual Consultation

Just want the chance to pick a professional’s brain or maybe you want to see how we might work together on a larger project, which can last months or years? Let's make sure it's right for both of us.  I’ll help you get the most possible out of this hour!
(I also do in-person consultations, too, as part of a typical project.  Schedule a discovery call to get that ball rolling!)
*Prepay only. 

1 hour Virtual Consultation - $149

1 hour Virtual Consultation

Exterior Concept Refresh

Exterior Concept Refresh - $299

Imagine driving up after a long day at work and loving how your home looks!  Sometimes all you need is a little TLC for your home to look more inviting and friendly.  Simple updates can make all the difference!  I'll need 1 photograph of the view you want suggestions for and within 3 business days, I'll email you an updated photo with suggestions noted!  This service is conceptual, so actual products are not specified.  Includes one option.  Additional options and product details can be provided at my hourly rate.  
*Prepay only

Exterior Concept Refresh

One-Room Virtual Design! - NEW!!

One-Room Virtual Design - NEW!!

Click to visit the One-Room Virtual Design Service Page for more info! 
*Prepay Only

One-Room Virtual Design! - NEW!!

Your contractor is calling and needs an answer ASAP.  I can help field the questions that inevitably come up during construction.  You need an advocate who can help you make the best decisions to keep your project and timeline on track.


When you're deciding what materials and colors to use in your home, you want them to perform well and look great for the long-haul.  I make sure your selections make sense for the entire project / context of the house.


You want help figuring out a plan for the spaces that make sense for your family now and in the future.  You want to avoid mistakes that are hard to fix down the road.  





v & m

We chose Michele because we knew she would be easy to work with. Michele saved the day many times when we were in a time crunch with our contractor on decisions. We felt like she understood our style from the beginning!

k & b

We've been very happy with Michele's open communication, detail orientation, and she's been enjoyable to work with. Definitely will recommend her services to others!

client testimonials


The discovery call is a time for us to get to know each other and ask some questions.  design projects can often last months OR EVEN YEARS, so this is an important step for both of us to make sure we're going to be a good fit for eachother!

If we’re both on-board following the discovery call, we’ll schedule a pre-paid in-home walk-through. (The cost will be applied to the project if we go ahead).  I'll gather the info that I need to prepare a custom proposal for your project. During this time, we’ll hone in on your goals, timeline, and budget.  


I'll prepare a proposal to give you a clear understanding of the process ahead and the fees involved. we'll set up a time to review the proposal and contract, which will need to be signed before we can proceed with the project.


I’ll have you complete a new client questionnaire and we’ll begin exchanging visual inspiration on private pinterest or houzz boards. Once the questionnaire is completed, we’ll schedule the first design meeting for schematic design.


prior to the first design meeting, I'll make an in-depth site-visit.  i'LL Take Photos, DOCUMENT Existing Conditions / materialS, AND TAKE DIMENSIONS OF spaces, furniture, & key elements.  IF YOU'VE HIRED OTHER PROFESSIONALS (I.E. CONTRACTOR OR ARCHITECT), i'LL Meet with THEM to determine PROJECT ROLES & responsibilities.


I'll prepare preliminary drawings, sketches, AND SHARE SOME preliminary product research.  AT THE END OF SCHEMATIC DESIGN, WE'LL HAVE A GOOD VISION FOR THE DESIGN DIRECTION OF THE PROJECT.  


depending on the size / scope of your project, we may need a number of mEETINGS TO finalize THE DETAILS NEEDED FOR YOUR PROJECT.  this could include Interior FinishES, Cabinetry & Appliances and Plumbing & Electrical. OTHER DRAWINGS, SUCH AS ELEVATIONS & REFLECTED CEILING PLANS, WILL be DEVELOPED TO HELP COMMUNICATE THE DESIGN.


This is a final refinement of the drawings that gives contractors THE INFORMATION THEY need in order to implement your design.  Drawings are dimensioned and noted accordingly. a specification document also outlines the product details for each element. the design is NOW finalized and the drawings reflect what will be built.


I work closely with the contractors and visit the job site regularly. During this time, I will continue to communicate with you regularly to address any of your concerns. Inevitably, issues or questions arise throughout construction.  i enjoy providing answers & creative solutions to keep the project moving!


Together, we’ll complete a guided walk-through of your project. I’ll note any deficiencies THAT MAY NEED TO BE RESOLVED. I’ll also schedule a professional photographer to capture your project, WHICH IS an exciting last step as we document all the hard work that HAS gone into your project.  


Regardless of project size, most projects will roughly follow this sequence. 


what is interior design?


Interior design is the art or practice of planning and supervising the design and execution of architectural interiors and their furnishings. Interior design is a creative and technical profession that applies solutions to achieve a functional and more aesthetically pleasing environment for the people using the space.

WHAt is an interior designer?

An interior designer is someone who plans, researches, coordinates, and manages design projects. Interior design is a multifaceted profession that includes conceptual development, space planning, site inspections, research, sourcing, and communication of the design through drawings and specifications. Interior Designers make interior spaces functional, safe and beautiful. Interior designers are qualified by means of education, experience and examination.

WHAt are your design fees?

Because each project is different and individual to the client, I prepare a proposal for your review. I charge an hourly rate, but provide a range for what it may take to complete your project. Packaged Services such as 1 hr virtual consultations or one-room virtual design are a one-time, flat fee rate. 

I want to hear about your home project and what makes it special.  In this free, no-commitment discovery call, we'll start to get to know each other.  I know that these kinds of projects can be stressful and time consuming and I'd love to alleviate some of that for you!

Here are a few of the things we'll discuss: 
• The kind of help you're looking for
• Your timeline for completion
• Identify your biggest concerns
• Review what to expect from the process

FREE 20 minute call


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