Timeless Design

There have been so many times that a client has asked me to design an interior that was timeless or wouldn’t go out of style.  Like a forever stamp from the post office or Peter Pan, we want an interior that will always work and never grow old!  While I understand the desire, I’ve always told my clients that I can’t guarantee that. However, there are definitely some things that I like to do to make it easier for your home to change, as your taste changes over time.

Get the finishes and fixed elements right

The things that are attached to your house like floors, countertops & cabinets should have a look that you can live with for a long time.  These items are generally not the place to experiment with bright colors or loud patterns because it’s harder to change them out later. 

Modern Lakehouse by Studio McGee. Timeless interior design with large windows with black trim, wood floor and stone fireplace.

Select a classic cabinet style

Don’t go trendy on your cabinet style, especially in the kitchen.  Keep the lines clean and simple so that you can get as much mileage as possible out of them.  Make sure the countertops are neutral, too.  It’s even better if you can find a countertop that can swing either warm or cool when you decide to repaint one day. 

Kitchen Cabinet and Design by Oakstone Homes.  Classic, simple, and modern cabinet style.

Make sure foundational furniture pieces are classics

If you’re going for a timeless interior, your larger furniture pieces like sofas and dining tables should be classic. If you’re starting to detect a theme this is it: the bigger and more expensive the item is, the less trendy it should be.  And vice versa – have fun with all the trends in your bedding, art & accessories;

Wood and stone accessories on shelves in charcoal grey cabinet by Studio McGee

Focus on Natural Materials and Texture

Natural (a.k.a. real) materials are always going to have the most longevity.  Slate, marble, soapstone, walnut, oak.  Good, quality materials outlast cheap imitations every time. 

Hall by Studio Thomas.  Slate floors, stone walls, walnut ceiling, timeless interior design

Be authentic to the style of your home

The more true you can stay to the style of your home, the more likely your selections and design features will make sense in the future.  For example, if you’re looking at a mid-century home, it would be really surprising to see rustic log-cabin beams in the living room or craftsman style cabinets in the kitchen.  (I cringe as I even write that!)  Whatever style of home you’re building or remodeling, you need to understand that style, the characteristics it has, and try to stay authentic to it. 

Mid-century Style interior with wood ceiling by Commune Design.

Go with what you love

Remember whose home it is.  It’s yours!  So, it should reflect you and what you like.  Selecting hardwood flooring for my new home was not easy for me.  What helped the most was to study to the types of floors I was pinning on Pinterest.  Ultimately, I realized I was drawn to warm colored floors and a classic-sized plank.  I knew they were not top-of-trend 5 years ago when I selected them.  However, it was more about the overall combination of materials and colors than making sure each and every item was on-trend.

Timeless living room with warm wood floors that have a classic sized plank
Michele Rosenboom Design Photo Credit: JenniO

Remember all of it will age

The fact of the matter is: better, more beautiful products will come out after you’re done with your project.  Trends keep changing. It’s going to happen.  When the time comes to remodel, hopefully you’ve got a good, timeless interior design foundation set. If you do, then it’s relatively simple to upgrade with fresh paint, new decorative lights, and accessories. Those are just a few things that will help you get a bit more mileage out of your initial investment!