Historic Homes Part 1: Colonial Style

Welcome to my newest blog series all about Historic Homes! I’ve had this series in mind for quite some time and I’m excited to dive into one of the oldest styles in America: Colonial Style.

If you’ve ever dreamed of living in a home that exudes timeless elegance and a sense of history, then a Colonial Style home could be the perfect fit for you.

Rich History and Heritage

Colonial style homes originated in the late 1600s and remained popular throughout the 1800s. The early colonists brought with them the styles and building practices of their native countries.  Because of this, a number of stylistic subcategories fall under the broader Colonial category. Postmedieval English, Dutch Colonial, French Colonial, Spanish Colonial and more!  Original examples of colonial homes are relatively rare, but starting with the Centennial celebrations of 1876, they have been copied in stylistic “revivals”. This is how many of the features and details of colonial homes have become so familiar and well-loved.

Classic Exterior Elegance

One of the most striking features of historic, colonial style homes is their symmetrical exterior façade. Typically characterized by a central front door, evenly spaced windows, and graceful columns, these houses emanate elegance and balance. The rooflines often boast gabled or hipped designs, contributing to the overall sense of symmetry and harmony. Interestingly, the features of colonial homes varied slightly from the northern to southern colonies. For example, Colonial homes in the south were often 1 story, with a brick exterior and 2 chimneys on either end of the home. Northern colonial homes often had 2 stories, were clad in wood siding and had a central chimney.

Timeless Interiors

Beautiful design didn’t stop at the front door of Colonial homes. Step inside a colonial style home, and you’ll be transported to a world of refined interiors. The interiors often feature high ceilings, ornate moldings, and detailed woodwork, all of which add to the grandeur of the space. In Colonial times, fireplaces were a central part of the home, providing both warmth and a gathering place. Classic elements like wood floors, and stately staircases are often found in Colonial homes and create an inviting and welcoming atmosphere. For more advice on what contributes to creating spaces that stand the test of time, check out my post on Timeless Design.

Modern Amenities with Vintage Charm

While you want your Colonial style home to embrace tradition, it’s essential to incorporate modern amenities seamlessly. We don’t need to deny the existence of our modern comforts, but sometimes it worth the effort to downplay amenities that would not have been in these historical homes. Panel-ready fridges are a great example of maintaining a more traditional look while still incorporating those modern conveniences we can’t live without.

Like what you see?

Colonial style homes are a celebration of history and timeless beauty. If this post has you wondering how to bring the charm of colonial style homes into your home, I’m here to assist you every step of the way.

Let’s create a space that embodies the essence of the colonial style while catering to your unique lifestyle needs.

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