Butler’s Pantry Remodel

I’m kicking of 2022 with a feature on a butler’s pantry remodel that I started designing last January.

This client was a virtual design client located in North Carolina.  She is someone who spends a lot of time in her home and wanted to enjoy the gift of her home.    Even though a laundry room is a space that might not normally be seen as a high-priority for a remodel, it’s a space that gets used frequently.  High-use / hardworking spaces are definitely ones that should be considered for upgrades.

If you use it daily, you should enjoy it daily, too!

AFTER: The beautiful, new laundry / pantry room added space and a view to the outdoors.  www.michelerosenboom.com
AFTER: The client had an extensive cookbook collection that could now be housed in one location.  www.michelerosenboom.com

The Problem

The existing laundry was located in garage entry area, which provided no privacy from the rest of the house. 

The existing pantry was a closet in the garage entry (near the kitchen), but it was far too small.

The home didn’t have a dedicated mudroom space.

Access to freezer was inconvenient & required going through 2 different set of doors in the garage.

The Existing Space plan BEFORE
BEFORE: The Existing Laundry space was open to the garage entry and did not provide any privacy.
BEFORE: The Existing Laundry Area
BEFORE: The garage work area was disorganized and dated.
BEFORE: The Existing Garage work area

Butler’s Pantry: The Design Objectives

Create a more functional laundry space with some privacy to hide the “mess”.

Create a space that could provide additional layout space for entertainment dishes and keep the kitchen picked up until guests left.

Make better use of the disorganized garage work area.

Overall goal was to utilize the space that the home had to make the home more user-friendly

Create a space that felt light & airy, but also clean & classic, (not modern)

Plan options that were explored before settling on the final solution. www.michelerosenboom.com

3D rendering of the new Butler's Pantry / Laundry Room. 

Design Board with Selections

Butler’s Pantry: The Design Solution

We borrowed space from the garage work area to create a brand new, extended laundry / pantry room.

This also opened up the garage entry to allow for a small mudroom space and better room to maneuver through this high-traffic space.

By keeping the existing window in the Garage Work area, we created a light-filled, bright new space.

The translucent glass on the pocket door shares natural light with the garage entry but still provides privacy for the messes that often happen in hard-working spaces like this one.

Created a central location for this client’s large collection of cookbooks.

We added generous countertops for folding laundry & holiday dishes overflow.

AFTER: The new open area created room for a mudroom space for the home.  www.michelerosenboom.com

AFTER: Pretty wallpaper and a decorative runner add style to this beautiful butler's pantry / laundry room.   www.michelerosenboom.com
AFTER: Natural light floods into the remodeled butler's pantry, making it feel light & airy.  www.michelerosenboom.com
AFTER: Translucent panel pantry door.  
Client Testimonial: Michele gave me a vision for something that was so much more than I expected.  This addition has altered my perception of my home, while all I really expected was more interior space.  I'm so grateful.  This addition has truly lifted my spirits and given me a pride in my home (the good kind of pride)"

This design was custom-made for this client. Each design I create is unique to each individual & family.

Interior Design helps you steward the potential in your home by maximizing it’s efficiency, safety & beauty.

Interior Design allows you to forget about your home and love well the people who grace your doorstep.

There can be joy & beauty in the everyday things like cleaning clothes & putting away groceries.

Design is and always has been all about people for me.

Let’s get that project finished so you can get on with creating a home and a life.

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