Simple Fall Porch Decor Tips

Fall is one of my favorite seasons. When it comes to decorating for fall, I frankly don’t have the bandwidth for 100 pumpkins on my porch. Anyone else? I want my front porch to be beautiful and welcoming, but it needs to be super simple if it’s going to happen. So here are a few simple fall porch decor tips for those of you who, like me, want to celebrate the season but also keep things simple and do something a little different than everyone else.

Tip 1: Think BIG

The dried hydrangeas on this front porch warm up this all-white exterior perfectly. I love the simple bold statement they make along with the jute rug on the porch. Take note of the SIZE of these arrangements. Overall, they look like about 3 – 3 1/2 feet tall. This works perfectly on a large front porch like this. Think big, think bold. When it comes to simple fall porch decor, getting the scale right really is foundational.

Tip 2: Simple Wreaths

An entry door is a beautiful statement on its own, so my philosophy when it comes to wreaths is that they shouldn’t detract from the beauty of the door. And I don’t want anything to poke anyone’s eye as they reach for the door handle either.

Less is more.

Consider the color and style of your door and what works best with it. If you want a softer look, then use color tones found in your door. Bold contrast? Use materials and colors that are opposites of your door color. Modern doors can handle a bit more interest in a wreath, while ornate and heavily paneled doors could use something a bit more streamlined. No matter the season or holiday, wreaths made up of a few materials are what I like to see. Look for unusual materials, too. Corn husks and pheasant feathers are a pleasant surprise in the examples below.

Tip 3: Unique Materials

I like to think about other options for incorporating warm fall colors that don’t involve the typical fall decor. Core10 steel develops a beautiful, protective rust finish and we have used it a number or places in our landscaping. I like the modern feel that these add and they’re a perfect spot for seasonal flowers, like mums.

I love the stacked firewood on this porch. It adds texture, warmth and a cozy feeling. Baskets are another great way to layer in texture, too. Again, notice that it only took a few items make this porch feel like fall.

Terracotta urns or planters are another way to incorporate a warmer palette on your porch. I love all of the chalky looking terracotta planters that are out there right now! These planters look very summery with the boxwood in them, but for fall, you could fill them with branches or pampas grass.

Tip 4: Let Nature Inspire you

One of my favorite things to do to celebrate the fall season is bring a bit of the outdoors in during the fall. Catch the leaves as they’re turning color and bring them inside or put an arrangement on your porch.

The Nester advises to decorate for the seasons, as opposed to the holidays. (Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall). This gives your decor a bit more longevity and helps you get into the mood of the season.

This is an arrangement I made using different plants in my yard. Most wouldn’t be considered flower-arrangement material, but if you find it beautiful, I say it’s fair game. I love a combination of dried and colorful foliage. It adds a lot of texture and interest to the arrangement.

Incorporating real plants into our homes can also help with indoor air quality. I cover this topic in Part 3 of the Healthier Homes Series on my blog.

A mix of fall foliage in a vase for fall decorations
Shop your Yard for Foliage

Tip 5: Remember Function

I like having items that are dual purpose. The sweet spot is when objects look good and do good. I love placing a small bench near a home’s busiest entrance. It serves as a place for someone to sit or a space to set things down for convenience and balance so no one has to juggle packages while trying to reach the doorknob or keys. Plus it just looks welcoming. If your space is small, you could set out a stool or small table instead.

⁣⁣This bench at our home gets used often. It’s a place to sit when a friend needs to tie her shoes before our walk or when we get packages from UPS / FedEx. Throw in a seasonal flower, like these mums and you’re done!

I hope you enjoyed these simple fall porch decor tips! Have a wonderful, cozy fall and I’ll see you back here again next time!

Fall porch with black bench and mums
Keep it Simple and Welcoming!