Trend Watch: Chalky Textures

I’ve been deep into sourcing for a project this month for a client who loves texture. I do, too, so it’s been a really fun exercise to determine just the right mix and type of textures to work into their spaces. Something I’ve been seeing a lot of is super-matte textures that look chalky or dusty. They’re great because they create a casual and cozy feel, nothing too perfect.

Plaster Finishes

I’ve been watching the rise in popularity of plaster wall finishes for a while and now we’re seeing a similar look in other places, too like decor, pottery and ceramic lamps. Plaster isn’t a standard wall finish anymore, (particularly since gypsum wall board came on the scene) but it is still used as a decorative wall finish. The texture and depth you can get with plaster is really unmatched. I love the various finishes that can be created, from an installation that’s super-matte and chalky to a buffed and polished finish.

Moody, dark rooms are perfect for bedrooms and these deep blue plaster walls are definitely what good dreams are made of.

Plaster Hoods are perhaps a simpler way to dip your toe into this idea. Just make sure that the coating is rated to withstand heat, steam and can be wiped down.

Stone, Terracotta & Ceramics

Dusty stone and ceramics like terracotta play beautifully with the sandy, matte wood finishes that we’re loving right now. These natural finishes have been here a long time and we just love different variations on them at different times. Stone and terracotta are classics that will help create the timeless interior that so many of you are looking for!

If you love informal, chalky textures too, you may enjoy this collection of vessels, pots, and urns that I’ve created. They all have this lovely, super-matte texture to them. Perfect for adding just the right amount of cozy to your space this spring. Click on the image below to check it the collection!